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Have you been arrested for a misdemeanor or felony in Travis County, Texas? Our team of renowned Criminal Lawyer Austin who will protect your rights and fight for you in court. We aim to have your charges reduced as much as possible, if not completely dismissed.
A conviction for assault, theft, drug possession and DWI in Austin, Bee Cave, Cedar Park, Elgin, Lakeway, Leander, Manor, Pflugerville, Round Rock, West Lake Hills or Travis County will have serious consequences and can significantly affect your life.

We have been handling charges from DWI, Assault, Domestic Violence, Possession, Theft and other misdemeanors and felonies.Most employers will perform a criminal background check that will reveal any misdemeanor or felony convictions you have.
It is very important to enlist the help of an experienced 
criminal lawyer in Austin TX to handle your case and work to prevent a life-altering conviction.

Protecting Your Rights In Texas Criminal Courts

Criminal Lawyer Austin understands that a criminal arrest on serious assault, theft, DWI, drug charge or any felony charge can jeopardize your liberties, living situation and livelihood, and have a severely negative impact on your future.
When you need a jail release in Travis County, or representation anywhere in central Texas, you need an experienced, serious lawyer who can begin fighting for your rights and give you the power to resume your life and skilled 
criminal lawyer in Austin  can help.

We know that when you’re faced with an arrest and criminal charges, it’s only natural to feel scared and alone. By choosing an inexperienced lawyer for your legal case can end up harming, rather than helping, the outcome of your situation.

From start to finish, Austin criminal defense attorney are available to address every question and sudden concern. You can have complete peace of mind that your legal affairs are being capably handled.

Our goal as your criminal lawyer is to get your case dismissed or reduced as much as possible. To begin fighting your charges, call us today and schedule a free case evaluation with one of our criminal lawyers.

Why Choose Us?

We made it their primary objective to hire criminal lawyers who have the dedication and experience in helping those who are charged of a crime in Texas at an affordable price. They have hand selected board certified lawyers, former prosecutors, assistant district lawyers and
Austin criminal defense lawyer to make up their team of criminal lawyer Austin who defend their clients.
Just give us a call or complete the Free Consultation form to get the help you need with your case.

If you have been accused or charged with an illegal offense in the Travis County area, it is highly recommended that you gain legal representation. Penalties for criminal convictions can range from large fines and probation to lengthy prison terms. It is important that you have reliable legal counsel and stay informed during the court process by a trusted professional. Take the first step in your defense today and call Austin criminal lawyer.

criminal defense lawyer in Austin

Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer  |  Criminal Defense Lawyer In Austin

Our criminal defense firm gives our clients affordable prices for their cases and offers payment plans with no money down. We design payment plans for our clients to work around their budgets.
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criminal defense lawyer in Austin

Austin Criminal Lawyers | Criminal Lawyer In Austin TX

If you hire the cheapest lawyer you can find, then you can likely expect the results that come with it.
Hiring the right lawyer is an investment in you; and possibly the most important investment you ever make.
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Defense Lawyer in Austin

Austin Criminal Defense Attorney | Criminal Defense Attorney In Austin

Our Lawyers aggressively represents clients who live throughout the State of Texas as well as clients living abroad.
Call us today and rest we will take care of your case.


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